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9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Please note that this is a date change! When you register, your recipt will say October 9, but make a note that the NEW date is October 29!

at the home of Liz Broderick (directions will be furnished to registrants)

At Fungus Fest, you may have seen the exquisite silk scarves and wool garments dyed using mushrooms for color. The dye mushrooms used are not commercially available, and the technique requires careful attention to temperature. Our dye workshop is unique because participants will leave with 10 gram “mini skeins” of several colors of mushroom-dyed yarn, suitable to work into designs for those who knit or crochet. In addition, participants will dye silk scarves. Ursula Pohl will guide participants through the mordanting, dye preparation, and the handling of the wool and silk through the process. This is an all day workshop; please bring a bag lunch.s tired of flipping through field guides in the hope that a picture will resemble the mushroom in question.

Instructor: Ursula Pohl
Limit: 12 participants

$25.00 fee for class materials

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