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Highlights: We have four new workshops this year. A Shiitake Cultivation Workshop will be offered in addition to the Oyster Cultivation Workshop. In the Scientists in the Kitchen Workshop, participants will help cook and then conduct blind taste testing on mushrooms to see how true some of the common “wisdom” about edible mushrooms is. We are offering a Russula Identification Workshop which will focus on microscopic characteristics. No more “JAR: Just A Russula”. And in November, we will have a Tree Fungi Jewelry Workshop for the first time in many years. None of the workshops would be possible without the generosity of the workshop leaders; many thanks to you all.

Pre-registration is required for all classes, and they are limited to 25 attendees (unless otherwise noted). Until at least April 1st, only registrations from members will be accepted (here on our website or by mail). After that time, registration for most of the workshops will be open to non-members.

You can register online for any classes from this page using PayPal (or a credit card), or you can download a printable mail-in registration form by clicking here.


Register here for as many classes as you wish to attend using our PayPal shopping cart system. Most class descriptions are followed by an "Add to Cart" button which will add that item to the list of classes which you'd like to attend. When complete, click on "View Cart" to continue the checkout procedure.

As of April 1, ANYONE can register for these classes, NJMA member or non-member.

  • Registration is now open online and by US Mail for ALL: NJMA members AND non-members.

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