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You can register online for any classes from this page using PayPal (or a credit card), or you can download a printable mail-in registration form by clicking here.

Register here for as many workshops as you wish to attend using our PayPal shopping cart system. Descriptions are followed by an "Add to Cart" button which will add that item to the list of workshops which you'd like to attend. When complete, click on "View Cart" to continue the checkout procedure.

Registration is now open for both NJMA members and non-members.

Saturday, June 14
10:00am to 3:00pm
Hackettstown, NJ. Directions will be provided to registrants.

In this hands-on class you will learn how to make three kinds of yeast doughs and then use them to make a variety of yummy mushroom breads. We will be making a traditional ciabatta with dried porcini and fresh mushrooms, a no-knead focaccia with mushrooms and Many-Mushroom Buns using Chinese bun dough. Students will take their creations home.

$25.00 fee. Limit 6 participants.

Sunday, August 17
10:00am to 1:00pm
Foran Hall, Douglass Campus of Rutgers University in New Brunswick

Looking at spores under a microscope can instantly point a beginner to the right genus. More advanced mushroomers may look at spore ornamentation or spore size to determine the species. Aspiring experts may be looking for specific microscopic features like cheilosystidia to help them in their quest. So whatever your level of expertise, come to this workshop to learn how to use a microscope or get more out of one that you own. Led by Mike Rubin.

$15.00 fee. Limit 16 participants.

Sunday, October 19
10:00am to 12:30pm
(Location to be determined)

Learn how mushrooms are more like people than like plants, how they mate (the mushrooms, not the people), and how they help trees. Terri Layton and Patricia McNaught will present an overview of fungi that is suitable for the new mushroomer, and for the enthusiast who wants to learn more about the structure, life cycle and ecology of mushrooms.

$5.00 fee.

Sunday, October 19
1:00pm to 3:30pm
(Location to be determined)

Jim Barg will enable the enthusiast to collect mushrooms safely and learn how to identify fungi through field characteristics and assignment to Friesian type. It is essential for any mushroomer who is tired of flipping through field guides in the hope that a picture will resemble the specimen in question.

$10.00 fee.

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