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Mushrooms found in New Jersey

Individuals who are interested in consuming wild mushrooms should consult several sources before eating wild mushrooms. Neither the New Jersey Mycological Association nor its members are responsible for any unwanted results for those who fail to read or heed this warning.

In the interest of being sure that you have the most comprehensive information available, we highly recommend that you avail yourself of as many good field guides as possible AND join us on our forays. No one guide will provide all the information on all the mushrooms found in our area. While we are an organization which is interested in providing as much information as possible about wild mushrooms, we believe that there's no substitute for a good field guide and consultation with an expert!

Some of the field guides which we use most frequently are:

  • National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Mushrooms by Gary Lincoff
  • Mushrooms of North America by Roger Phillips
  • Mushrooms of Northeast North America by George Baron
  • Mushrooms of West Virginia and the Central Appalachians by William C. Roody
  • Mushrooms of Northeastern North America by Alan E. Bessette, Arlene R. Bessette, and David Fischer

(There are many other books available; this is just a list of the ones we use most often.)

Most of these books are available at NJMA meetings at a discount for members, too.

Some of the websites we find useful are located on the Links page.


Please note that the links to the NJMA Foray Species Lists and the NJMA Stories and Tips pages (which used to be in this spot) have moved to the Of Interest page.