Watercolor of
Russula mariae
by Bernice Fatto
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A non-profit organization whose aims are to provide a means for sharing ideas, experiences, knowledge and common interests regarding fungi, and to furnish mycological information and educational materials to those who wish to increase their knowledge about mushrooms.


It's time to send in your entries for NJMA's 2014 Photo Contest.
Photography buffs and amateurs alike: send us your best mushroom or club activity photos!

Read the guidelines and be sure to include the entry form which was
printed in the September-October issue of NJMA News!

You can submit photos taken at any time, NOT just photos taken over the past season.
You must be a member of NJMA in order to participate.
The deadline for entries is at the close of our meeting on November 9th.


The last official foray of the season will be held on Saturday, October 18 at
Brendan Byrne State Forest near Pemberton in Burlington County.
The foray begins at 10:00 AM, rain or shine.

Click here for directions.


The September-October 2014 issue of our club newsletter is now online for members
who are on our 2014 email list. Check your email for a letter with the subject
"The September-October issue of NJMA News is now online!"
to get the link to download the newsletter.

Once you're on the page containing the newsletter,
PRINT IT OUT , bookmark it, or download the PDF file for future reading!

If you didn't get the email letter containing the link to the newsletter,
it means that you have not renewed your membership.
Click here to join or renew and we will then send the email link to you.


We are happy to announce the the judge for this year's Photo Contest will be
our friend Klaus-Peter Steitz. Many member have asked for him to return,
and he's agreed to take on the duty. Thank you, Klaus!


It saddens us to announce that our long-time NJMA member, trustee,
past President, friend, and mushroom guru
Dr. Eugene Varney
has passed away at age 90.
Gene was a warm, wonderful person who inspired so many...
always the consummate scientist, he was always full of energy and willing
to share 100% of himself with all the people he met, right up to his last breath.

You can read his full obituary and leave memorials,
tributes and condolences by clicking here.

Gene, all the friends you made in NJMA and the world of mycology will miss you greatly!


We are currently building the "Members Only" section of our website.
There is no content available in that section at the moment.
We will email a username and password to all paid-up members
once it is complete.


You can now join NJMA or renew your membership ONLINE using PayPal.

Click here or click the Membership button on the left for details.

Also, please note that because of increased costs for printing and mailing of hardcopy
newsletters, the dues for those who choose to receive the hardcopy (printed) newsletter
have increased by $15 as of July 1, 2014.
Those who opt for the online edition only are NOT affected.


If you're a member of NJMA and are not receiving emails from us, please click here to send your email address to us. YOU MUST BE A MEMBER IN ORDER TO RECEIVE EMAILS FROM US. You must include your full name and mailing address in the body of your email. You will receive our emails once we've verified that you're on our membership roster.


The NJMA Yahoo! Group is now open and ready for you to share your mushrooming experiences and to exchange ideas. Go to http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/NJMYCO/ to use it. You'll need to obtain a Yahoo! user name and password before you can join the group. We reserve the right to delete postings in cases of misidentifications, "bad" information, or items that are in questionable taste or not on-topic about mycology.

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